Iced Mint and Watermelon

Here is to my first ever post.

I have an inkling I'll take it down as soon as I manage to fill up this space with actual content. For now though, this post will serve as a place holder for what's become a shrine for all of my ramblings and non-sensensical diatribes.

Every morning I wake up thinking if this was a good idea. "Did I really just sell my AC30 and rare effects pedals to be able to afford a studio apartment in Manhattan?" While my initial reaction is to answer "Yes", I know that it is so much more than that. 

Passions can take the place of one and other. It's good to be aware of this. Music was once my life, but now it's something else.

It's a bit of a shock even for myself, but so much of life is about evolving and moving towards the next destination. Why are we afraid to take the next natural step forward? Is it because we've convinced ourselves that we won't ever find anything else as good ? Or is it because we've silently accepted our life's worth of misguided decisions to be the compass of our future days?

I refuse to box all of my life's investments into what I once considered to be the only thing in the world that matter. What is the point of stubbornly holding onto things that need to be gently let go instead?

It is a tough dilemma. We spend a great portion of our teenage years scrambling to find the elements that will define us for the rest of our lives. Then we have to find a way, or ways, to redefine those elements to prevent going insane in later years.

Music is not lost within me, it never will be. But for now, instead of the past, I will try letting my heart be the compass of today for a change.

With everything being said, I'm still in my humble 3 bedroom sublet in Bed-Stuy. Nothing is set in stone just yet. Maybe I'll end up getting an apartment in Brooklyn instead. We'll see.