Let Loose


While riding my bike around the east village, a drunk girl yells at me admonishingly,

"YO! Don't go down that street. There is a dude jerking off".

After stopping to let the visual premonition sink in for a moment, i decide to joust on.

As promised, a twenty something is pleasuring himself in complete disregard to the surrounding cat calling,

A short conversation ensues between him and I. 

"Hey man. Don't let them ruin your fun."

"I know. Right?"

"Why do they gotta be like that?"

"I don't know man."

"You just keep being you, OK? Don't let them stop you".

"Yeah, ok."

"You're just out here doing your thing. They don't get it man. If you enjoy it, that's all that matters".

"Thanks man".

"Just keep keep being you."


By this point, he has gone completely flaccid. He zips up his pants and walks off.

I turn around to lock eyes with a man sitting down on a stoop smoking a cigarette.

"Only in New York" he says to me.

Only in New York.