It's just as frustrating for my head as it is painful to my heart. 

It looks as though a few of the mürmur talks from late April-early May have unfortunately disappeared from my Dropbox.

I suspect the problem had something to do with a syncing issue that automatically removed the files from my "cloud storage" after I deleted them from my computer.

I thought that the files were safe in Dropbox. But I was wrong. 

Besides letting this be a cautionary lesson for the rest of you who are relying on services like Dropbox for the safekeeping of your personal documents, I want to really, really, apologize to the people who came out to talk with me.

Anthony Pascual
Lawrence Godwin
Johnny Mez
Rick Toscano
Nadim Hobeika

So many great talks. Rick had opened up about his tough relationship with his father, Anthony and I had a long heart to heart on practically every subject under the sun, Nadim turned the tables around and put the spotlight on me for once, Johnny Mez talked about the recording of his new album, and Lawrence... I don't remember but we talked about but I remember loving the guy!

Last but not least, the photo in the middle... This was a very a special talk for me. Unfortunately, not only have I lost our great talk, but also, the contact info to reach you by. I'm very sorry brother.

Forgive me everyone. Really, really sorry.

If any of you would like to do another talk, I will get you in ASAP and promise to put up our talk immediately after the recorder hits stop.

Even though I no longer have the proof of connection we've established to share with the rest of the world, I am more enriched for having talked to each and every one of you. 

Thanks. And again, sorry.

-Uluç Ülgen