this one meant a lot to me.

thor invited me out to swans soundcheck at the bowery ballroom before jumping into a cab with me to conduct this conversation in my studio apartment.

i didn't realize this until later, but.

10 years ago, i bought my dad a father's day gift of one of the records that he had played on. 10 years later, i'm sitting with him in my apartment having a conversation about fathers.

life is too funny.

as i was walking to nublu at 2am last night, i couldn't help but to suddenly start crying in the middle of the street.

if you'd told me 5 years ago that i would one day manage to leave the midwest, to not only live in new york city, but to have my own place, live life in accord to my heart, and finally be happy with who, and what i am... i would have thought. "sounds nice. but that won't ever happen to me". 

sometimes all it takes is one person in your life to help align the rest of your life trajectory. sometimes that person is a complete stranger, and sometimes it's just you. and sometimes, it's through your own perseverance, and the opportunity that someone else bestows upon you, that you arrive where you need to be in life today.

be open to others. don't close up. stay true and receptive to what's around.

if a big black opera singer who you just met at a downtown YMCA 3 days prior asks you to fly out to New York City with him to be his assistant. 


what's the worst that could happen?

Either he'll murder you, or you'll murder yourself by living a slow life of decay for not ever living up to what you have to offer to the universe. 

that to me, is worst than dying.

plus, how cool is it when you survive to tell the tale?