Truth or Silence

In the midst of transformation - realize that you’re still a work in progress. In those moments when you get too cocky and try a trick you haven’t yet mastered, don’t be embarrassed.. You’re going to fall, it’s going to hurt. Whatever.

Just when you think you’re back in the saddle again - you’ll go on another stupid tangent. Each syllable digging the grave waiting for you back at your apartment one foot deeper. By the time you finish, everyone is eyeing their laps as though they’ve just grieved a loved one.

Except it’s you who they’re grieving. Not their moms, not their uncles. 

All of this is to be expected - it’s ok.

This period of uncertainty has not been kind to me in terms of winning over new friends. Especially when it comes to potential roommates. I’m always anticipating for the moment when they ask, “Oh, so what is your podcast about?” 

Before I even begin to talk, they’re on their way out.

Telling the truth is more difficult when you are certain of being misinterpreted.

My mind goes to something that my last roommate Max said: “The beauty about honesty is that it forces you to acknowledge your shortcomings, from there, it’s up to you to decide how you frame it to others. What may have been perceived as a shortcoming before, can now be seen as a positive in the eyes of others, because you were truthful”.

But perhaps - sometimes, it’s more truthful to not say anything at all.

(Originally Published January 17, 2018)