Alejandro Escovedo

When I interviewed Alejandro Escovedo a few months ago, I remember asking him if he ever felt tired of playing music. The question visibly startled him. He looked at me in a perturbed manner before answering no.

Perhaps, it was improper of me to ask such a question to a long time veteran of rock and roll — but truly, how do you fall back in love with the very thing you had once adored?

Struggling to answer my own question, I reached over for the nearest jar of Speculoos Cookie Butter - aka Devil’s Ketamine.

Standing over the kitchen sink, and while licking the last remnants off sweetness off of my spoon, I thought back to a particular bike ride in the East Village. As the silhouette of the Empire State Building beckoned me to surge forward, and the wind joyfully whipped me in the face - both a longing to live, along with an imminent fear of death, washed over me at the same time. 

“This life is so beautiful, I hope I don’t die soon.” was my exact thought. 

Earlier in the day, I pandered through another mürmur. We initially started strong, but slogged somewhere in the middle — a recurring dilemma I can’t seem to solve.

Out of nowhere, my eureeka moment came to rescue.

After a momentary pause, instead of pressing on further about whatever mundane topic we were expounding on, I simply said: 

“I got a new roommate today.”


“Oh, yeah? How did that go?”

Boom. Suddenly we were back to having a back-and-forth..

In any other occasion, I would have gone directly into the discourse about my roommate without being prompted. But by presenting the question in a fashion that allowed my guest to respond, it put the power in their hands to make further inquiry - making the conversation greatly more dynamic.

Instead of rushing through the answer, I found myself sculpting my thoughts with a few choice words. I managed to find myself speaking less, and saying more. I felt not only connected to the moment, but also to my guest.

It’s all excavation. We’re all digging up gold from the same ground we’ve walked over a million times. It’s both exciting and frustrating at the same time. You feel pleasantly surprised, but also angry that you haven’t stumbled upon it before.

I look forward to enjoying Speculoos again. I have few more gold nuggets to dig up first though.

(Originally Published in January 18, 2018)