The Wi-Fi Password

I was about to walk out of the cafe due to the stench of grease that greeted me at the door — but I opted to stay instead and challenge myself in hopes of improving my adaptability - to find charm in the unpleasant. I asked the waiter for the WiFi password and got promptly turned down with an excuse. Had this happened a month ago, I probably would have been bitter and sensitive. 

But I managed to remain cool, and even extend sympathy for his refusal. Perhaps his job is on the line. I’m sure he is a good guy, he isn’t doing this because he hates me - we just met. He must have sensed the understanding in my response, because in no more than a few minutes, a receipt with the contents of my desired data was silently passed through my table. Maybe it’s not so much the city, but the internal energy that dictates the outcome of everything. 

And remember, sometimes life comes in streaks. If you’re doing everything you need to do, and still not achieving the desired results, it’s not your fault. Sometimes you find gold in a trash can, and junk inside of a treasure trove.  This life is horribly meaningless and devoid of any sense. But that’s the curse, and the blessing.

By the way, I didn’t even end up using the WiFi.

(Originally Published February 13, 2018)