a piece of chocolate tastes better than the entire bar. 

New York City is beautiful - like a playground where all of your wildest dreams are brought to reality without the necessity of time. Partnerships and connections are fostered quickly. It doesn’t take long for an idea incubating in your head to suddenly be thrusted onto a consuming audience. It’s the perfect paradise for the impatient daydreamer. 

But there is also a dark side to this fickle utopia. Callousness, narcissism, and egotism slowly pervade through without warning. Eventually, you notice how everyone’s interaction solely revolve around two variables: “Will this person advance my career?” or, “Will this person sleep with me?”

It’s a tough pill to swallow.

But I’m not an enemy of New York City - just an observer. I’ve just had an opportunity step out of the bubble for a few weeks, so I’m simply reporting on my sightings - can you dig it?

Let me explain something.

If you bake a pie, and cut enough slices for every person around you to have a bite, i can promise - that it will have a greater overall impact — than if you were to give the entire pie to just one person. 

Who the hell wants to eat an entire pie in one sitting? They’ll just resent you for trying to get them fat. Give just enough to keep those around you enticed.

So keep feeding those hyenas with little snacks here and there, but never provide an entire meal in hopes that they’ll be kept satisfied forever.

Sometimes a piece of chocolate is worth more than the entire bar.

(Originally Published February 25, 2018)