I'm a creep. I'm a weirdo.

There is a story behind every emotion - a story that sets into motion who we are today.

Sadly, the more invested we become in one thing, the harder it becomes to recall the genesis of our actions. Why we started it in the first place.

I was on a date a few weeks ago, heading towards a restaurant when a mürmur flyer caught the corner of my eye. My intention, being more playful than vain, impelled me to ask whether she recognized the person on it. She walked over and quickly turned around to make a face that screamed bloody horror. This girl, was mortified. The terror in her eyes. She was visibly creeped out. Was it the technicolor sweater? The teddy bear? The open invitation to my apartment?

For the rest of the night, I felt as if she was treating me like a sad freak. 

I began to question whether these flyers were appropriate for me to keep posting in the neighborhood. Perhaps, she is right — the teddy bear shtick is getting old.

I started to feel hurt. I really did.

And even though I found myself semi-considering her stance, I also couldn’t ignore the fact that these flyers, once upon a time, meant the world to me.

Sometimes, we ourselves grow out of what we once held to such high-esteem. But all that we leave behind, at one point, meant something to us. And as long the remnants of this past model of thinking — either through poetry, song, or conversation — was written from a place of truth and passion, there will always be an audience for this message to resonate with.

Radiohead has become a completely different band since the release of “Creep” - a song Thom Yorke has profusely stated his disenchantment for. But the band still play it from time to time. And when they do, although Thom is miles away from the same headspace he was when he first wrote the song - the message still speaks to an entire stadium. 

Fashions come and go. What’s more important is not the fabric, but the person strutting the accessories.

I still get a lot of phone calls from people who discover the flyer on this street. Why should I stop because one person thinks it’s weird?

(Originally Published March 5, 2018)