The Chain Of Commands

Once a week, I make juice. The thought of eating solid greens is enough to turn my mouth to a dry Oasis - so I opt to drink and refreshen instead. I never add any fruits or anything sweet - just a handful of cucumbers, a couple carrots, and a single lemon for light tart. The moment that smooth liquid hits my palette, I feel like superman. All of the sins I’d committed on my body the night before, are suddenly absolved with a single slurp.

I stopped to think the other day how much preparation is involved when undertaking an activity. We never just eat, swim, read, or smoke - there are a set of actions that lead up, and follow, immediately after the cessation of these undertakings. I had to earn money to buy vegetables, I put the vegetables in a basket, a clerk rang me up, I rode my bike back home and put the vegetables through a blender. And after producing the main objective of my intention - the juice - I dismantled the blender, cleaned it, got rid of excess fruit composte, and refrigerated the leftover juice. 

The same way one has to mesh the two sides of an accordion together to produce sound, the same concept applies to life. Bringing past and the future to a meeting point for a specific achievement. But why is it that the juice is considered the main objective. If i’m putting together a blender, when my roommate asks me for what I’m doing, I respond “making juice”, when in truth, I’m doing something completely different.

What if we changed the point of focus all together? 

 What if instead of declaring that I will make juice today, I started from the first step necessary to get the ball into motion - “I will earn money”. Suddenly, I find myself thinking more about how I can make more money than I am now. After I’ve come up with a plan to make more money, I can say “I will go to the grocery store”. I’m impelled to open google maps and search for the store with the most reasonably priced, and quality products. Next, “I have to ride my bike back home” If it’s a nice day, I will take the scenic route and get a little more exercise than inteneded so I can enjoy my creation when I get home even more. After I’m done with my juice, instead of using leftover plastic containers, I will perhaps, invest in a large glass bottle to contain it pesticide and toxin free.

Do you get what I’m saying?

It’s not about the center point, it’s about the events that lead up and precede the point of objective. Suddenly, you stop treating everything as a means to an end. Each step is performed with greater thought and effectiveness. Not only that, the very thing you wanted so badly, becomes a lesser desire in the grand scope of things. If done correctly, the end result will be much purer and higher in quality than if you were to simply go head strong without understanding the chain of commands.

I hope you’re taking notes. 

 (Originally Published April 19, 2018)