Train Station

At every age, there is a juncture we must face before advancing onto the next phase. Just like the metro, it’s never quite evident when the next train will arrive. Sometimes there is construction, other time the train is too full. So here we are - stranded, and in limbo. We wait - because we don’t know any better. We place greater emphasis on how to advance from our situation instead of mining what it has to offer now.  

During these moments, it’s exceptionally important that we don’t remain idle. That we value the off-time offered to us by the tardy train schedule. I get it man. You want nothing more than to leave this station and move on. But how many train stations do you move through, before your life comes to a close. Also, isn’t it important what mind frame we hop on the train - That is, when it does arrive at last? To acknowledge the faces on through the journey, instead of sloppily scampering and gathering our shit together for when we have to get off?

While we wait, it feels as though there is nothing happening. And you’re absolutely right. There is nothing happening. At least that’s the case when you examine with the naked eye. But just as a plant grows, we can’t detect the monumental changes occurring from moment to moment, hour to hour - until some time has passed. Just as it is in the plant domain, the same applies to us during these astonishingly long, and seemingly pointless intervals. The period of emptiness, is actually a precursor to where you will end up next. That’s when the plant inside of you grows, and when you least expect it, you suddenly have a forest right in your own backyard.

But there is a trick to this process. Water. You have to keep watering. Keep doing what you’re doing. Just do. Just keep on pushing. Even if it feels business as usual. Even if you’re not stumbling upon any gold nuggets or valuable wisdom, just do. 

And if you really have nothing left to do, then look around. Take a second to look at the metro station you’ve found yourself stranded in. Find something productive to do in this moment that you wouldn’t remember to do any other time. And when you do start doing it - it’s usually then, that the train finally strolls through your station. 

(Originally Published May 25, 2018)