the awesome shore

I feel hungover - still drunk and disheveled from the night before. All of my superpowers, everything that makes me the amazing, has been robbed in plain sight.

It’s essential that we never lose sight, of our own magnificence. Even as we are temporarily debilitated by a break-up, bad day, or a hang-over.

In this funk - everything may seem everlasting. As if you’ll never be good again. You believe in this with such conviction - it’s frightening.

In this moment, I feel I won’t ever be funny again. My head’s not working - I feel sluggish - the extra pint of beer has forever robbed me of my talents. I’m no good. I ought to dig myself in a hole, and call it a day.

But not everything we feel - is reflective of how things actually are. In a few hours, my hangover will ameliorate and I will return to my usual, semi-funny self.

I’m grateful this is only half a day’s inconvenience. My hangover could be much longer - and I’m grateful that it’s not. But in the few hours my boat is lost in the sea, I have to remind myself that I will eventually reach shore - to the awesome shore.   

(Originally published 7/2/18)