Contact for Uluç Ülgen & Yumosh.


Telephone: 3477179749

1. "How can I be on the show?"

   -Background checks? Forget about it. Everyone is welcome. 

2. "So, what will we talk about?"

   -Anything and everything. Whatever comes up.

3. "Do I need to prepare ahead of time?"

   -Do you plan out the topics that are to be discussed prior to meeting a friend?... Didn't think so.

4. "Is it like an interview?"

   -Nope! It's not an interview. It's a conversation.

5. "Can I say anything I want?"

   -Absolutely. Curse like a sailor if you have to.

6"I don't know if I'm interesting enough."

    -Not true. Everyone has lived through a few amazing life experiences.

7. "I want to promote my (band, product, business), can I talk about it on your show?"

   -Yes, and no. If you're coming on mürmur with the intention to promote, then you're missing the whole point! 

   It's about us! Not me. Not you. Us. I'm a person too. Ask me how I'm doing for crying out loud.

8. "OK. So, it's kind of like an in the moment conversation between two strangers."

    -Yes! Let's just have FUN. I'm not trying to get you to reveal your darkest secrets. 

9. "Cool, I think I'd like to come. May I bring a friend along?"

    -While I do have an open door policy, unless special assistance or care is necessary, I prefer that the conversations are kept one on one.

10. "When will the talk be aired?"

    -Probably 3-4 days. Feel free to check the Facebook, Twitter, or iTunes page for updates. 

11. "How can I support mürmur?"

-Feel free to purchase a mürmur T-shirt after our conversation. Not necessary, but it would mean a lot!!! 


533 east 5th street, NYC, NY 10009


Telephone: 3477179749