1. "How can I be on the show?"

   -Background checks? Forget about it. Everyone is welcome. 

2. "So, what will we talk about?"

   -Anything and everything. Whatever comes up.

3. "Do I need to prepare ahead of time?"

   -Do you plan out the topics that are to be discussed prior to meeting a friend?... Didn't think so.

4. "Is it like an interview?"

   -Nope! It's not an interview. It's a conversation.

5. "Can I say anything I want?"

   -Absolutely. Curse like a sailor if you have to.

6"I don't know if I'm interesting enough."

    -Not true. Everyone has lived through a few amazing life experiences. As long as you're truthful and sincere, that's all I care about.

7. "I want to promote my (band, product, business), can I talk about it on your show?"

   -Yes, and no. If you're coming on mürmur with the intention to promote, then you're missing the whole point! 

   It's about us! Not me. Not you. Us. 

8. "OK. So, it's kind of like an in the moment conversation between two strangers."

    -Yes! Let's just have FUN. I'm not trying to get you to reveal your darkest secrets. 

9. "Cool, I think I'd like to come. May I bring a friend along?"

    -While I do have an open door policy, unless special assistance or care is necessary, I prefer that the conversations are kept one on one.

10. "When will the talk be aired?"

    -Probably 3-4 days. Feel free to check the Facebook, Twitter, or iTunes page for updates. 

11. "Oh also, how do I know when we start recording?"

    -I'll go and hit record a few minutes after we sit down. 

12. "How can I support mürmur?"

-You're more than welcome to purchase a mürmur t-shirt in person.  ($20 on American Apparel. S,M,L,XL)

Or, donate an amount of your choosing through this link.



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