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1. "How can I be on the show?"

    Background checks? Forget about it. Everyone is welcome.

2. "So, what will we talk about?"

    Anything and everything - whatever comes up!

3. "Do I need to prepare ahead of time?"

    Nope! Come as you are. 

4. "Will this be an interview?"

    Nope. It's not an interview, it's a conversation.

5. "Can I say anything I want?"

    Curse, shout, whisper, cry - do as you please. The mürmur. Studio is an open space. 

6"I don't know if I'm interesting enough."

     Not true. Everyone has lived through a few amazing life experiences.

7. "I want to promote my (band, product, business), can I talk about it on your show?"

    Yes, and no. If you're coming on mürmur with the intention to promote, then you're missing the whole point! It's about us! Not me. Not you. Us. I'm a person too. Ask me how I'm doing for crying out loud.

8. "Cool, I think I'd like to come. May I bring a friend along?"

     While I do have an open door policy, unless special assistance or care is necessary, the conversations are best kept to one-on-one.

9. " Is it just audio, or video too?"

    Both! If you really, really want to remain anonymous though, I will strategically place the cameras so your face won't be seen.. 

10. "I changed my mind about my episode being aired. Can we keep it between us?"

      Absolutely. mürmur is all about connection and friendship, and I'm here to honor that. You can always use an alias if you want to remain anonymous. 

11. "When will the talk be aired?"

    Probably 2-3 weeks after our conversation. Feel free to check the Facebook or iTunes page for updates. 

12. "How can I support mürmur?"

There is mürchandise available if you'd like to take home a souvenir. You can also donate or become a sponsor.

13. "What's next?

To confirm your booking, message Uluç with the statement "Let’s mürmur!"