Thank you

Hey friends, I want to give all of you a much needed update.

If you haven't heard about what happened, you can read by clicking here.

First and foremost, a big THANK YOU to all those who’ve contributed to the mürmur campaign. Your support has given me a boost of confidence that I would not have been able to bolster on my own. 

Thanks to you, I’m standing up right now.

So let me get to the GOOD.

mürmur. has found a new home in a location that I will NOT be openly disclosing from this point on. If you want to be on the show, you know how to contact me.

Starting November, mürmur will also have a second home at Radio Free Brooklyn. Once a week, every Wednesday at 2pm, you can hear mürmur live on the radio.

I’m gaining new clients for my recording studio, and planning on starting a small PR firm to help those who want to promote their brand in the media.

Columbia Journalism Review is writing an extensive feature on mürmur that will be published later this month. 

But most importantly, I wrapped up a segment with NPR’s “The Big Listen” that will be airing tomorrow on November 9.

For every bad thing that has happened to me recently, something good has come along immediately after. 

So, thanks again to everyone. And please, if you have personal ties with Kid Rock, let me know, I’d very much like to have a heart to heart with him on mürmur.

Love to all. And thank you.  xoxo

-Uluç Ülgen & Yumosh